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Adieu to The Acorn!

After two dizzying, crazy, successful years, I'll be moving on from The Acorn on October 1st! As head chef and owner, I was lucky enough to sweat it out with some of the most gifted cooks I've ever worked with. We wouldn't have enjoyed the success that we did without their dedication.

I have so much love for all the family/friends/strangers who came down to shove their faces with halloumi. Love to my cooks who took the food seriously and put up with my crap. Love to all the local farmers who worked their tails off every day to bring us the best produce in the city. Love to all the vegetables I had the pleasure of cooking up.

I leave the kitchen in the hands of the talented Rob Clarke, and wish the whole Acorn team continued success in this exciting new phase of their life. May the adventures continue!

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